Protect Your Property From Environmental Hazards

Start with a roof replacement in Columbia, MD

Don't let a faulty roof put your property at risk for water damage. Instead, hire Combs Design & Builds for roof replacement or roof repair services.

If you choose a full roof replacement, you'll have several material options. These include...

Asphalt shingle roofs | Architectural shingle roofs | Tar roofs | Metal roofs

After you decide on roofing material, we'll tear off your old roof to get started on the installation. Don't need a full replacement? Ask about our roof repair services by reaching out to our office in Columbia, MD today.

Make sure you have sturdy siding

Make sure you have sturdy siding

Your roof isn't the only important part of your property's exterior. Damaged siding can let in pests, environmental hazards and more. Luckily, Combs Design & Builds does vinyl siding installations. We use products from top-notch brands like CertainTeed. Protect your property by replacing your broken siding today.

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